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Come and escape the humdrum of the daily grind. Relax your body, refresh your soul, reawaken your senses. Allow us to excite you with exceptional activities that are sure to awe and take your breath away.

Fast and Furious

An exhilarating experience in the Maldives for a much needed rush of adrenalin to make your holiday an ecstatic one.

Ever wondered how euphoric it would be to swim along gentle giants of the ocean?
Dine underwater with the teeming marine life keeping you company?
How about snorkeling and taking a look at the kaleidoscopic world under the sea?

Extreme Golfing

Ever thought of Golfing in a breathtaking exotic Island? Although Golf in Madives is not widely spoken of, the beautiful golf courses make it seem almost impossible not to give it a try.

The cool breeze of the ocean, the green beauty of the carpet like golf courses will keep out doors all day.

James Bond Holiday

Keep it simple but elegant, modern yet uncomplicated; holiday 007 style with class and elegance.

Ever wondered what life would be like James Bond on holiday? The sand between your toes, the sun on your face, the breeze in your hair, a cold drink in your hand… This and more awaits you…

Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous

The Maldives is known the world over for being a favorite haven among A-listers, the world’s elite, celebrities, and popular personalities.

Who says only the rich & famous can live like royalty? Live a life of utter luxury by visiting two of the most well-renowned resorts, not just in the Maldives, but in the world.

Survivor Maldives

Go back to your roots, rediscover yourself, but all in the lap of luxury. Get pampered in a luxurious private Island and discover life being off-line.

Wondered what it’s like to be deserted in an Island? We are not just talking about a private Island getaway… this is so much more.

The Last Frontier

A secluded haven; privacy beckons. Hide away from the world and recuperate.

Your little piece of heaven where luxury meets comfort. A truly undisturbed and pristine part of the earth where even the coral reefs remain untouched.