Bridge Buultjens
Bridge Buultjens

Senior Destination Specialist

We know Maldives’s villas where you needn’t rub elbows with fellow snorkeler, hide your blushes when you go skinny-dipping, or keep sweet nothings at a low volume…

These private island retreats are a short sea plane transfer away from Male and when we say private we mean it. With just two to three islands as such, a massive stretch of soft sand, greenery-veiled dining spots and yachts to hire for just-the-two-of-us isle-hopping expeditions, other couples or even tourists are always a rare sight than the Blue Whales. So, you are all set for indulging your Fahn-tasies. Nothing is impossible for us as long as it is legal. Just let me know.

We will leave no leaf unturned
to serve you to your satisfaction.

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Bridge Buultjens
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