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June 30, 2016  | Amilla Maldives Resort & Residences | By Maldives Tour Operators - OV Holidays
Experts from the OV Holidays team frequently inspect Maldivian hotels to examine the quality of service and to explore the resorts’ facets and concepts that make them unique.

So here’s the OV Holidays Team review of Amilla Fushi Resort

Located on one of the most popular atolls among divers, the Baa Atoll, Amilla Fushi is classified as a five-star resort.

OV Destination Specialist to Amilla Fushi

Our destination specialist to Amilla Fushi, Suresh, engaged in a 3D snorkeling experience to get an idea of what it’s like, and then visited the Tree House, a villa situated on a tree that is absolutely breathtaking. Then, he confidently says he have had a slice of heaven when he tasted the Banana Nutella Pizza at Joe’s Pizza. He also recommends The Café which is old school as it has a Juke Box and is complete with arcade games. 

Pool, Beach & Sea

Would I recommend this resort to clients? Yes!

Amilla Fushi Water Villas

Luxury Stay at Amilla Fushi

Another Destination Specialist, Liswith, found Amilla Fushi to be a unique luxury experience, and says the resort atmosphere is very chilled. The staff is young, energetic and very enthusiastic. They are always on-point, friendly and ready to be at your service. The food too, is fabulous. At J Food experience, each meal was like nectar from the Gods. A journey for your palate; Lonu is a must visit during one’s stay. At Rooms you can experience the masterpieces of a Michelin star chef. This gastronomical journey is one that will certainly take you places. 

Here, even the simple things are presented in a special way

Luxury amenities

Luxury amenities

The word is that in terms of accommodation Amilla Fushi is superb as well. The Single Bedroom villas come with a huge living area that will make you feel that you are at your own home. Globetrotters will also be very pleased with the laundry service that is top-notch and efficient. In addition, the resort has live music entertainment and DJs to keep your nights a little groovy and relaxed.

Sea view from Water Villa

And here’s what Melissa, our destination specialist had to say: Amilla Fushi was one of the best experiences for me. From the time you arrive at the resort you feel at home, with the service being spot on, and the staff, especially, Muba, our Katheeb being so helpful and friendly. The food was just amazing, I enjoyed every meal I had, and especially the dinner at Lonu by Luke Mangan who is a Michelin star Chef. 

Wine cellar - Amilla Fushi

Wine cellar - Amilla Fushi

Penguin - Submarine ride

The resort is ideal for families with children

What’s unique about Amilla Fushi is the penguin excursion, which allows you to experience the marine life and is a 'must do' because it takes you to a popular place called the BLUE HOLE. Another thing that's unique about Amilla is their laundry; you can get your clothes washed everyday at no cost at all!! The rooms too, are so spacious and comfortable. I enjoyed everything about Amilla Fushi and was very sad to leave. I hope to visit the resort again.

Destination Specialists - OV Holidays

Destination Specialist Natasha’s views on Amilla Fushi: The food at Amilla was nothing but the best; especially the food at Lonu. From the appetizer to the main course and dessert everything was amazing and definitely a taste to remember. Oh, and one must not forget their green juice at the Bazaar which was super refreshing and nice! It’s a must-have for everyone. The villas were super spacious I loved the way they have been designed from the living room to the wash rooms; everything was just too perfect. 

You’ll also be privy to one of the best house reefs in the Maldives!

Amilla Fushi Maldives

In fact, from the resorts I have been to in the Maldives, I can definitely say Amilla Fushi has the biggest and the most spacious villas of all. Moving on to the activities we had during our stay, the highlight was the penguin excursion (the submarine ride) it was definitely out-of-this-world to experience the underwater marine life for one whole hour. I personally felt like I was in another world. 

Golden sunset

The next morning, before lunch I saw how the kids made pizza with the chef at the Bazaar, which I found very interesting. It was refreshing to see how much attention was given to the kids and how they were kept occupied. Oh, and I loved the tree house there too, which is very peaceful and the spa, too, is lovely. Also, they cater all organic food to this specific villa. I really was sad to leave the resort, and after being there for just two nights we got so attached that were sad to say good bye.

Kate, another destination specialist made these observations: Amilla Fushi is a resort which has everything that you can only expect from your dream holidays in the Maldives. Spacious rooms will provide you comfort while you are in your villa, or rather house, as it is called here. The food is super-tasty and cooked and served with love. The beautiful house coral reef is just few steps away from your over water villa. And for those who love a nice tan the white sand beach stretches out around the island. 

Amilla Fushi is Paradise!

Amilla Fushi Maldives -  Spa

There is also a range of entertainment here for you – relaxing music from the amazing guitar player, wine tasting from the island wine cellar, and diving up to 5 meters without getting wet - in the first of its kind submarine in Maldives. And of course, the service is of the highest quality. P.S.Reserve at least 30 minutes of your time to take pictures of one the most incredible sunsets of your life.

Amilla Fushi Maldives

About Hotel Amila Fushi:

Amilla Fushi in the local dialect means " island home". With 71 rooms in total, the type of accommodation varies from standard beach houses to Island Homes, Villas and Ocean Reef right on the coral reef, along with twelve residences for larger families.

The Chef of the resort - Luke Mangan is the proud holder of a Michelin star. He directly oversees the running of the Lonu and Bazaar restaurants. By the way, the latter is equipped with five stations, including an American barbecue, an Asian wok and wood-burning oven, allowing for meals from all over the world to be prepared. In addition, two gastronomic boutiques, The Emperor and General Store restaurants have also been launched in the resort.

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The resort has set itself the goal of changing the prevailing stereotypes about tourists that holiday in the Maldives as "lazy." So here we introduce the " All Inclusive” system where every guest can enjoy free water sports activities, including the use of motor vehicles on the boundless expanse of the ocean, as well as lovely spa treatments.

What a wonderful holiday to be anticipated with pleasure in the Maldives! Now you have our experts’ stamp of approval on Amilla Fushi! 

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By Maldives Tour Operators - OV Holidays
On June 30, 2016

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Amilla Maldives Resort & Residences

Amilla Maldives Resort & Residences

Client Reviews & Comments
Todd Corman

Todd Corman
Absolutely a fantastic stay at Amilla Fushi. We stayed in an Ocean Reef house, with direct access to a beautiful reef system. We have been to the Maldives on three different occasions, with three distinct environments. The one outstanding quality that Amilla Fushi brings to the table is its wonderful and caring staff. Anything we needed to have done was cheerfully taken care of. The rooms are by far and away the largest of any (Baros, Park Hyatt) that we have stayed at.

Without a doubt the vacation was made to order. For that we must thank Roxanne at OV Holidays for her expert advice in arranging this vacation. The entire OV Holiday staff will make sure your stay in the Maldives is tailor made to your needs. Thank you again for the Penguin (Submarine) adventure. It was truly a great experience. In conclusion OV Holidays should be your choice when booking a vacation in the Maldives they know where the fish sleep!!
Apr 23, 2016

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