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The Essence of the Maldives

August 15, 2016  | Baros Maldives | By Maldives Tour Operators - OV Holidays
Being the third oldest resort in the Maldives, Baros is one of the resorts that back in the 1970s pioneered in bringing the tourism income to the country blessed with the bluest waters and softest sands ever.
The Essence of the Maldives

At Baros Maldives in every villa, there is a history book for guests to discover the gradual and dynamic transformation that Baros has gone through during these four past decades. My Deluxe Villa, which is the entry- level category, exudes such a serene graceful tropical beauty. The teak floor, the wooden and rattan furniture, and the woodwork of the villa blend very harmoniously with the natural beauty Baros is endowed with. 

Baros Maldives Villa

The villa comes with a king-size bed and a large leisure sofa; an open-air bathroom with walls of sandstones adorned with flowering tropical plants that help you connect with the nature while being in the vanity area; and a backyard that features two sun loungers which are just perfect for sun tanning, and direct access to the beach straightly leading to the open ocean.

Lighthouse Restaurant - Wine Cellar

Baros' icon is none other than the Lighthouse Restaurant. Its first story is designated as the Wine Cellar and a fine dining restaurant with live cooking station completed with a telescope to gaze at the fabulous night firmament. 

Dining in Maldives

The second story is the sunset bar overlooking the gorgeous newly-built L-shaped over-water swimming pool which is attached to the main restaurant's over-water deck.

Lounging around the bar

Lounging around the bar, you will be presented with the vast view of the open ocean which is home to various corals planted by the resort’s guests to contribute to the balance of the marine ecosystem.

Baros Maldives

We spend our afternoon swimming at the over-water infinity pool launched in August 2014 due to the insistent requests from the resorts' guests and repeaters. 

Baros Maldives

Even though private pools are provided at some of the Beach and Water accommodations, Baros’ management decided to build the infinity pool which is available for all guests, as one of the ways to surprise and win its loyal clientele's hearts. 

Baros Maldives

Words are not enough to describe the magnificent natural beauty we witness when the sun is setting on the horizon. Pure tranquillity, blissfulness and sublimity completely surround me while I bask in the remnants of the sunlight with my two buddies in the pool.

Chill on blue shallow waters

“Baros has a good mix of clienteles coming from different nationalities which provides a good exposure of cultures and it is this concept that has been well maintained all this while,” says the Resort Manager. 

Chill under hot sun

When asked about their future plans for Baros, the humble and jovial man subtly replies that more pleasant surprises are in store for their valued guests.

By Maldives Tour Operators - OV Holidays
On August 15, 2016

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