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Indulge in an exotic escape

August 8, 2016  | Conrad Rangali | By Maldives Tour Operators - OV Holidays
Conrad is made up of three islands. One of them houses most of the resort's employees to maximize the other two public islands for guests' comfort.
Indulge in an exotic escape

Nowhere else can you find this at this kind of arrangement in the Maldives. Another island is where families and most of the happenings are found, and the other small one is strictly for adults where almost all of the water villas are perched on. Both islands are equipped with individual spa, reception, restaurants and bars and a swimming pool. 

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant

Dining at the world's first all-glass underwater restaurant accompanied by the spectacular view of clown fish (Nemo and his friends!), sharks, mantas and other marine creatures swimming around overhead, diving around 30-meter- deep water without getting yourself wet nor wearing any scuba gear on board the resort's Nemo submarine, crossing the 500 meters bridge from one island to the other one even with the sublime vista of the sun, sea, and sand, are all that you can experience at none other than Conrad Rangali.

Deluxe Beach Villa

One of the most gorgeous Beach categories that I have stayed at so far is Conrad's Deluxe Beach Villa, with three out of its four confining walls being transparent thick glass panes, instead of the boring white walls, from where I can see the greeneries enveloping the three sides of my villa and the beaming sun ray enhancing its natural touch.

Dining at Conrad Maldives

Conrad just finished its latest major renovation in mid 2014, with some repainting of some of the villas' walls, and a new Asian fusion restaurant on the way. By the time when everything is completed, the resort would be on full swing with eight restaurants and four bars for the guests to choose from.

Conrad Rangali Maldives

Guests who plan to stay longer in the resort do not need to fret as they would be able to indulge in each of its food outlet's unique ambience and gastronomic delights.

Beach side dining

Offering many theme nights every week, such as Lobster and Champagne dinner every Saturday night, or the Beach Barbeque dinner every Wednesday night, my palate is so fortunate to be able to savor both theme night's cuisine with all the available spread of glorious and succulent meats, champagne, and scrumptious salads, under the starry skies by the white beach with its night calming breeze.

Wine cellar - Conrad Maldives

One of the most sophisticated wine cellars with small screens on every guest table for wine education. 

Wine cellar - Conrad Maldives

Each chair is provided with a shawl and even slippers are available by the entrance for those who need them as it is a chilled underground room. Located at the resort's smaller island main restaurant, Vilu Restaurant boasts five consecutive years of Wine Spectacular awards for having one of the most outstanding restaurant wine lists in the world.

Conrad Rangali Maldives

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By Maldives Tour Operators - OV Holidays
On August 8, 2016

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