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To experience most genuine and excellent services

July 22, 2016  | Four Seasons Kuda Huraa | By Maldives Tour Operators - OV Holidays
One of the most genuine and excellent services I have ever experienced in resorts was those I got when staying in Four Seasons Kuda Huraa.
To experience most genuine and excellent services

Four Seasons Kuda Huraa is the resort that remarkably knows well how to go the extra mile for the sake of making guests’ holidays absolutely perfect.

Reception area

Stepping into the reception area and the main restaurant, I just could not take my eyes off the elegance of the Middle Eastern-styled architecture marvelously applied in those areas. 

 Beach Villa

There are Beach and Water accommodations, and for the Beach ones, each of them is equipped with a private pool and cabana, is encircled by lush vegetation that certainly ensures the privacy of its occupants. The pathway in the main island that leads us to other facilities is spacious and gracefully adorned with tropical plants covered in fuchsia blooms.

The fisherman's night dinner which I had in Cafe Huraa, the main restaurant, offered different types and tastes of seafood. Lobster, mango and prawns salad, and octopus in curry sauce, which was my favorite, are just to name a few.

Sunset Lounge which faces towards the Island Spa pavilions is undoubtedly the best spot to sip your favorite champagne and cocktails with the accompaniment of gorgeous sunset view.

It was a Mexican-themed night when we lounged around. The nachos with prawns and fish ceviche accompanied with varieties of drinks were just superb!

Water Villas - Four Seasons Kuda Huraa

Some of the villas are blessed with direct access to the resort's house reefs. You can see many growing coral reefs which have been planted for a few good years attracting fish of different sizes and sorts. A school of colorful fish would always roam and dance around the reefs, ready to warmly welcome snorkelers.

 Four Seasons Kuda Huraa - Spa treatment

The Island Spa with its unique location which can only be reached by a few minutes dhoni (traditional Maldivian boat) ride offers “thoughts of the day” slips at the reception table. What a mind-relaxing way to start enjoying luxurious treatments in one of non air-conditioned over-water pavilions. The gently caressing ocean breeze would readily cool and calm you down. 

Four Seasons Kuda Huraa - Spa treatments

The atmosphere I sensed as I set foot in this place is that it is not only environmentally friendly but also emphasizing on the essence of going back to nature. One of the must try treatments is the Night Spa which lasts for two and a half hours in the evening. The treatments are done based on the cyclical lunar phase, and treatment oils would be applied based on your zodiac.

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By Maldives Tour Operators - OV Holidays
On July 22, 2016

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