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A Wildlife Experience in Maldives

July 22, 2016  | Four Seasons Landaa Giraavaru | By Maldives Tour Operators - OV Holidays
One prominent feature I could tell about Four Seasons Landaa Giraavaru is its emphasis on luxurious amenities, services, and facilities and its sincere efforts to preserve and protect the surrounding wildlife the resort has been blessed with.
A Wildlife Experience in Maldives

This resort has been skillfully keeping a good balance between bountiful business and biosphere.

Nestled somewhere in the middle of the island is a very well-cared-for orchid garden. Purple, white, yellow, and purplish yellow orchids are tenderly cultivated in this flowery spot. Once the gorgeous flowers bloom, they would become exotic adornments of the resort’s facilities and guests' villas. Talking about villas, each villa has the tones of blue, white, and gray which make it a calming and serene sanctuary. Parked in front of my villa is a bike with my initials written on the front part, and a metal plate bearing my room number hung on the back part. How much more personal could it be?

Blu restaurant at Four Seasons Landaa Giraavaru

There are 2 restaurants which serve breakfast, instead of only one which is the usual norm in other resorts. Cafe Landaa, the main restaurant has an international buffet spread, and Blu, the Italian restaurant, offers an a la carte setting. Blu is equipped with a bar, a swimming pool, and cozy sun loungers for you to bask yourselves in the spectacular view of the turquoise ocean and the famous sandbank. If you hang out long enough, there might be surprises like complimentary refreshing concoctions or ice cream distributed by the resort staff to cool off the heat.

Blu bar

Dinner at Blu which provides a romantic sunset view would not be perfect without its signature Tiramisu, not an ordinary one for sure. It is a chocolate ball stuffed with many surprises, such as jelly, a tiny chocolate cookie, a tiny bit of dark chocolate, tiramisu taste filling, and a blob of espresso ice cream. Ingeniously made and exquisitely prepared!

Never miss the Maldives Crusoe excursion where snorkeling and picnic adventure in an uninhabited island are uniquely combined.

Sailing off from the resort with a traditional dhoni boat, jumping into the open ocean, savoring the underwater beauty, and once you are back to the beach, an array of snacks, sandwiches and drinks would welcome you back.

The liveries of Landaa Giraavaru's Marine Discovery Center and its Manta Ray Project caught my attention not long after I stepped my foot onto the arrival jetty of this paradise in Baa Atoll. This is the first Maldives’ atoll that was declared as a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve in 2011 for having an exceptional flora and fauna life which blends well with people living in the area.

Manta Ray

There is also a fish lab, with juvenile clown fish, seahorses, anemones to be studied and propagated. Two injured sea turtles were well taken care of there too, one was blind and the other had one of her flippers missing both of which were adopted and cured till they are independent enough to be released back to the wild. 

Coral planting

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By Maldives Tour Operators - OV Holidays
On July 22, 2016

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