5 Reasons why Eid Holidays in Maldives are the best !

5 Reasons why Eid Holidays in Maldives are the best !

1.            Maldives understands Eid. Since Maldives is dominant in Islamic population, they are aware of the Islamic traditions and customs. They will prepare fasting meals (before and after fasting) which is Suhur and Ifthar and you will be able to enjoy a hearty meal without fretting about breaking fast during your holiday.

Since Maldives is abundant with some of the
picturesque locations and fully-fledged resorts, you will be offered the best
rates during Eid holidays for the Middle Eastern and each resort will try to
outrun the other to draw in more travelers.


3.            Dining will be quite special as everyone feasts soon after Eid prayers and some resorts hosts’ special dining experiences by inviting international chefs to prepare special meals. You can enjoy a hearty meal amidst the most stunning islands with your family and loved ones.

4.            Since the ramazan month is very important and you get to spend it with family and friends, resorts offer the best rates for excursions and activities. You can engage and bond with your family whether it’s outdoors or indoors and make the best of your family holiday.

This is something you already know! Maldives
still holds as the number one luxurious destination in the world. No resort
defines luxury as Maldives does, from private villas to private islands all in
between. If you are looking for a destination fit for royalty.. Maldives it is !

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On April 9, 2018

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