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One Of Maldives Best Kept Secrets
What if we tell you that you could stay in the same villa as your favourite celebrity who just spent a dope holiday in the Maldives? Well this is Maldives’ most awesome secret that you should totally know about.

Soneva Fushi  certainly is one of the most amazing resorts with a barefoot luxury experience in a tropical surrounding. All your Robinson Crusoe fantasies can come true with the added bonus of unlimited luxuries. Now who doesn’t like to be...... May 9, 2016  Soneva Fushi

OV Review of Soneva Fushi Resort in Maldives: “Beyond Luxury”
We step inside a new speed boat. The captain’s assistant gives everyone a cotton bag with a logo of the hotel in which we placed our shoes. That’s all! No shoes, no news. This is how our vacation will be like on the island of Soneva Fushi. When was the last time you walked barefoot? When was the last time you left your smartphone at home? Walking on the sand without shoes and giving up reading news on the Internet really helps to relax, not only for the body but for the soul, and The Soneva Fushi resort will give you a chance to experience it.

Dream Villa on the ocean beach Personal butler - called Mr. Friday here – shows us a new home. It’s a dream place to live, and preferably to stay forever. "Elegant simplicity" will suit these huge apartments best.... January 18, 2016  Soneva Fushi

The Cinema in Paradise!
Sun, Sand, Beach and Legendary Classic Movies?

After couple of days completely out of civilization living life of Robinson Crusoe  but indulged into luxurious service of Soneva Fushi, it is good to remind yourself about the real world and spend about 2 hours watching a movie from the...... January 30, 2015  Soneva Fushi
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