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The Island Of The Moon

As soon as I stepped into the reception area of Ayada, which means The Island of the Moon, I could feel that this is a resort which ingeniously utilizes a very aesthetic Turkish theme.

Turkish style chandeliers with colorful bulbs hang from the ceilings; different sorts and sizes of ethnic vases and urns; and eye-shaped amulets hung on the room number plates believed to drive off bad luck all enrich the Turkish ambiance....... July 19, 2014  Ayada Maldives

Extravagant Escapes
Escape in to your wildest dreams here at Ayada...

Fishing could not be more romantic! Not without the idyllic sunset view which I witnessed at Ayada’s waters. The ocean was very serene. The marine breeze gently blew over my hair and shoulders. The twilight panorama was saturated with...... July 19, 2014  Ayada Maldives
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