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Bold Escapes at Baros Maldives
Fill your journal with experiences that will leave you wanting more every time...

One of the oldest pioneers in the tourism industry in the Maldives, Baros is a combination of a Maldivian history mixed with a modern element of beauty and relaxation. Fulfilling its repeaters and loyal client’s feedback, Baros extends the...... January 6, 2015  Baros Maldives

Embrace Baros Maldives
Set yourself free among the perfect combination of luxury and serenity...

Baros  experience is like no other very unique for its ambiance. You are totally disconnected from worries, city and people. The ambiance is great for stress relief for couples for isolation even with so many guests present the ambiance and...... January 2, 2015  Baros Maldives

Art at Baros Maldives
Draw your heart content among crystal clear azure waters...

The word leisure always seems to be synonymous with Maldives for me as it seems like the perfect place to lazily relax while getting that perfect sun kissed tan and swimming in turquoise waters. Diving and water sports were abundant in the resort...... December 24, 2014  Baros Maldives

Lights and Water
Let the lighthouse and the dream pool take you away...

Baros' icon is none other than the Lighthouse Restaurant. Its first story is designated as the Wine Cellar and a fine dining restaurant with live cooking station completed with a telescope to gaze at the fabulous night firmament. The second story...... August 28, 2014  Baros Maldives

The Legend That Is Baros
Being the third oldest resort in the Maldives, Baros is one of the resorts that back in the 1970's pioneered in bringing the tourism income to the country blessed with the bluest waters and softest sands ever.

In every villa there is a history book for guests to discover the gradual and dynamic transformation that Baros  has gone through during these four past decades.... August 28, 2014  Baros Maldives

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