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The Prestigous Presidential Villa
Discover the world of royalty and privacy...

Let’s talk about Royalty and Privacy; Constance Halaveli Presidential Beach Villa . 3Bedroom Villa consists one basically everything you dream of, own gym spa, butlers room, mini wine cellar and fan buff of interior designs that I am the...... March 10, 2015  Constance Halaveli

The Granting Villa!
Find out what this villa in Constance can specifically cater to fulfill your needs!

Halaveli has something unique that I found in terms of accommodation. Beach Villa  category of Halaveli is unique compared to resorts I have visited. Usually villa pools face one way towards a sunrise, sunset or beach facing and so on. ... March 3, 2015  Constance Halaveli

Futuristic but Eco Friendly
Nature Lover? Modern Geek? Constance has you covered...

Plentiful repeaters patronize Constance Halaveli especially during Festive Season (Christmas and New Year) and this resort gives full measure to surprise repeater guests with something new each year. It plans to construct a new Presidential Suite...... July 22, 2014  Constance Halaveli

Consistency in Constance
The Water Villa where I stayed at comes with contemporary wooden furniture that emits modernity and coziness.

A huge copper urn laid behind my bed gives off a tint of quaint look that sweetly contrasts with the contemporary atmosphere. The  Constance Halaveli  villa’s infinity pool overlooking the turquoise open ocean is a perfect...... July 22, 2014  Constance Halaveli
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