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Gourmet Escapades!
Have extraordinary dining experiences here in Maldives with world renowned chefs!

What a memorable Teppanyaki dinner we are having, not in Japan, but in the Maldives . The chef is my fellow countryman who worked in a Japanese restaurant before in another country. A delightful, cheery, and talented cook. Besides preparing and...... February 26, 2015  Lily Beach Maldives

Luxury with Lux*
Is a resort full of surprises, vitality, and enthusiasm.

It takes leisure matter seriously and equips itself with its Lighter and Brighter concept of zestful hues: staff's business cards printed in cheerful tones of purple, orange, and pink; turquoise polo shirts and lime green flip-flops, which are...... December 12, 2014  Lily Beach Maldives

Hunger Travel at Lily Beach
A 360 degree gourmet...

My colleague and I are served a very interesting dinner at Teppanyaki. It is a 3-course dinner accompanied by the entertainment of the chef, who happens to be my fellow countryman. He performs as our comedian, entertainer and music player. He...... December 12, 2014  Lily Beach Maldives

Living It Up at Lily.
Opened in 2005 as a three-star resort and refurbished in 2009, Lily Beach has since transformed itself into a five-star resort and come up with an ingenious concept it claims as the first premium all-inclusive plan offered in the Maldives, the Platinum Plan.

Free flow of drinks at its three available bars, free daily replenished mini bar, three meals available at its main restaurant and other food outlets for guests to choose from, two free excursions, and a free half an hour massage treatment at the...... December 12, 2014  Lily Beach Maldives
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