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Adopt a coral!
Find out how you can name and save your very own coral!

We are given a short course before we make our way to the open ocean for coral adopting  session. Taking the stairs leading us down to the waters, to note that they are quite deep, practically my first time to swim in about 5 meters-depth. A...... February 18, 2015  Huvafen Fushi

Once in a lifetime spa
Indulge in the euphoria...

I am not a fan of massages or being touched by strangers in general but when I visited Huvafen Fushi in the Maldives, I knew I had to try their underwater spa  called “Lime”. And boy, did I make the right call! There are...... January 26, 2015  Huvafen Fushi

Amazing Maldives (Part I) | Huvafen Fushi Resort
Maldives is love. That sums up our experience really. We were there for a short week but the memories we made will stay with us for a lifetime!

We wanted to make the most out of our break so we worked out an itinerary with our travel arranger so we can visit two resorts during our holiday. I’m sure it was quite challenging but they were able to deliver their promise! They arranged our transfers seamlessly so we won’t waste our time waiting. Kudos to the people who helped us!

The first resort we visited via speedboat was called Huvafen Fushi Maldives  and we stayed in one of their overwater rooms. We didn’t have direct access to the beach but it was alright since we wanted privacy more. The overwater...... April 30, 2014  Huvafen Fushi
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