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The bicycle rides!
Ever went to a resort that provided you with your very own bicycle to go around the resort? Well here it is!

When the island is so long that you need to have a bycicle beside your villa is just a perfect option! While in Atmosphere Kanifushi , I decided to grab one from the reception area and decided to explore the magnificent surroundings. Basically...... February 21, 2015  Atmosphere Kanifushi Maldives

Ocean Wonders!
Let the ocean be your best friend in the Maldives...

Maldives is famous for its rich underwater world , comfortable above-zero temperatures all year, tender sun, turquoise oceans and of course white sandy beaches. Most of the resorts have picturesque beaches, some are wider, some are longer, and...... January 23, 2015  Atmosphere Kanifushi Maldives
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