Looking for the Best Maldives Holiday Deals ?

Looking for the Best Maldives Holiday Deals ?

When we see 50% off on room rates, don't our jaws drop or our eyes widen? Doesn't it make us want to take advantage of this deal ASAP? But is it actually any better than a discounted package rate of USD 5,000 for 4 nights on half board? (Whoa that’s expensive!)

Sorry to break your bubble but the latter can sometimes be a better choice. But how???

First of all, we need to identify the main components of a complete package in the Maldives.

  1. Accommodation cost (including taxes)
  2. Transfers (due to unique logistics in the Maldives, Transfers will be arranged by the resort and is normally included in the package price)
  3. Meals (can range from BB to AI)

Secondly, we need to understand the price range of each component.

  1. There are plenty of villa choices and the price range can vary from USD 200 to thousands per night depending on the level of luxury of your chosen villa. 

  2. Transfer cost can also vary on transfer types and distance. 

  3. A 3-course meal can cost between USD 100 to USD 300 per person. 

So we now have a little bit of idea of the actual savings value of the discounts and offers. 

Let us now identify the usual offers resorts promote in the Maldives:

  1. Stay Pay offer is the most popular - stay 4 nights and pay 3 nights equivalent to 25% discount or for longer stays the discount might be higher.
  2. Room rate discount (almost same as stay pay offer but gives you flexibility on number of room nights you require).  
  3. Early bird discounts - We all know what these are.
  4. Complimentary transfers - If the resort is by seaplane or domestic flight unlike your typical city hotel where free shuttle service is almost negligible, a USD 1000 savings is an actual deal breaker.
  5. Free meal plan upgrade from Bed & Breakfast to Half Board, Half Board to Full Board and so on. Free half board for 2 guests on 7 nights stay is a minimum USD 1400 savings! A definite valuable offer you shouldn't miss.
  6. Family offers e.g. up to 2 children can stay and eat for free. Child supplement is usually proportional to room rate and usually 50% of adult transfers and meal costs. Infants below 2 years old usually only pays the taxes.
  7. If you are lucky enough many of the above are combinable!

Well, without really seeing the regular price of the WHOLE package in comparison to discounted price, you will not appreciate the actual discount you are getting and the individual offers can sometimes be meaningless or could be misleading for you.

However, even with getting acquainted with this kind of knowledge, we definitely don't expect you to do the math. Planning your vacation should not be this painful. 

The sole purpose of this blog is to impart you some wisdom in choosing the most valuable offer and not simply be misled by creative marketing. Yes, these offers are meant to catch your attention but your best bet in choosing the most valuable offer and in getting unbiased opinion of resorts in the Maldives is to be in touch with a Destination Specialist/Travel Consultant from OV Holidays.

Be prepared to receive personalized care and best recommendation based on your needs, budget and preferences.

Call us now +94 7777 36966 or send us an inquiry! 


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By Maldives Tour Operators - OV Holidays
On July 5, 2016

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