Did you know about Jumeirah Vittaveli?

Did you know about Jumeirah Vittaveli?

Last week on my exquisite stay at Jumeriah Vittavei, Maldives I was able to find out 10 very interesting facts about this resort. So let’s find out then shall we?

The resort is located is on an island known as Bolifushi. So what about it right? Well Bolifushi translates to “Island of Shells”. And Yes if your hobby is collecting shells? Then this is you dream resort.

As I was strolling casually down the beautiful pearl beaches I came across one sea shell. One of the staff at the resort took his valuable time to tell me that “Boli” (the name of the seashell I found) was the first medium of exchange in the Maldives.

This extravagant resort was actually designed by taking a Maldivian Village as its inspiration. Yes,it clearly is inspired…the antique ornaments and the exotic arrangements gives this resort a a sense of home along with a trail of historic times.

Did you know that giant sting rays actually “visit” the resort daily at around 5.30pm? Well, you heard me right! This is because the resort has daily feeding sessions for all type of marine fish.

A 20 minute speedboat ride from the city of Male to the resort will take away the boredom and keep the excitement on your toes. Did you also know that Male is the 4th most densely populated city in the world?

Vittaveli…ever wondered what it meant? It means vastness of space and eternal light. And the resort sure does the name justice with huge windows and doors that is kept open through out the day to fill the spaciously grand room with the beautiful sun.

Before Jumeirah Vittaveli, Bolifushi housed one of the oldest resorts which was made in 1982 with only 30 rooms!

Tell me how many places you know that has more than one shipwreck? Bet you didn't think of many! Well Jumeirah has FIVE shipwrecks 20m-800m away from the in-house reef laying at depths between 12-30m which makes this resort one of the best sites for diving and snorkeling.

And if you ever want that romantic quiet time with your beloved, do not worry! Jumeirah Vittaveli has got it covered for you! A treaure hunt to follow clues all over the island in a quest for knowledge and treats will be organized for you tiny tots.

Both Jumeirah Resorts in the Maldives – Jumeirah Vittaveli and Jumeirah Dhevanafushi utilise the water bottling plant thereby saving up to 20,000 plastic bottles per year. For all you nature lovers out there, this resort screams your name!

Don’t believe me? Come find out for yourself. I absolutely loved it and enjoyed every bit of my stay.

By Sithari
On February 9, 2015

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