Extravagant Escapes

Extravagant Escapes

Fishing could not be more romantic! Not without the idyllic sunset view which I witnessed at Ayada’s waters. The ocean was very serene. The marine breeze gently blew over my hair and shoulders. The twilight panorama was saturated with luminous tones of red, orange, yellow, purple, and blue. It was simply amazing! Even though only a few of my company were able to catch fish, (well, some others caught “fake fish” which were corals), we sailed back to the resort’s island feeling awed by the nature’s wonders.

Ayada dedicates a special spot to couples who desire to tie the knot at the resort. The Wedding Chapel is a cozy and neat pavilion surrounded by flowy white see-through drapes. Pretty white garden chairs and a small platform for the priest complete the whole elegance of the chapel. Lies outside the pavilion is spacious grassy land suitable for dancing, partying or any activity that the bride and groom would love to include. It is truly a romantic spot that exudes the charm which will bewitch any lovebirds to be united in a sacred ceremony, or even long married couples who wish to renew their marriage vows.

By Sita
On July 19, 2014

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