Packing for the Beach

Packing for the Beach

Here’s our guide to looking fab while getting that tan. Yes you’ve packed your gorgeous two piece and your flip flops but there’s so much more to packing for the tropics than just beach wear and flip flops. Here’s a simple guide on packing for the beach side. The ideal assortment of beauty goodies will keep you looking great throughout your holiday. 

A powerful SPF is a must, get something strong for the UV rays during the summer and if you’re travelling to a tropical country, the higher the SPF rate the better, also make sure that your SPF is a good hybrid that consist moisturizing properties which adds a sheer glow without the oily effect. Let’s get to the annoying part, Hair! We all know that hair can be troublesome when hitting the beach. In countries with high humidity levels, this could be worse. How annoying is it to detangle your salt-sprayed hair? So carrying the right hair brush is super important. Let’s focus on keeping that colour that you just got done at your expensive hair salon, pick out a good mild hair hydrating spray that smells amazing and keeps your hair hydrated and nourished all the time. 

Worried about sun burns and after-effects of too much sun? Take care of that before you take that vacay. Taking care of your skin while on holiday is everything! Pack a good healing after sun balm that will soothe your skin without letting it further damage after the heavy UV rays. Even if you do pack a good SPF, this is equally important. Did you know that baby powder can help you instantly take off the sand from your toes and ankles? That’s right, if you are heading straight to that seafood hut at the pier for a quick lunch with friends, you might want to take care of all that sand with some baby powder. It totally works.

We recommend products with cooling ingredients such as Cucumber, Aloe Vera for the skin and the hair. Of course a balm with some Oatmeal and Indigo extract will work wonders after the sun, especially with any itching or irritation. 

Don’t forget a light cheek and lip tint to add some colour to your tan. Now you’re good to go. So head on to the tropics, where the sun is shinier, the beaches are spectacular and the food is just gloriously exotic.

By Udari
On July 7, 2015

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