Shoppaholic? Fitness Freak?

Shoppaholic? Fitness Freak?

The boutique which offers a selected variety of elegant designer wear for the entire family, uniquely handcrafted gift articles and tantalizing jewelry pieces will not fail to satisfy your craze for shopping. From sun cream, postcards to Kanuhura branded apparel this boutique has a wide range of goods that will leave you exploring this shop for hours. This was guilty-pleasure at is best!

If you were like me… a food lover plus a fitness freak then a holiday at Kanuhura can leave you confused. With all that food available, yet all those hours spent at the gym to get that perfect bikini body can stop you from enjoying this experience. You have absolutely nothing to worry about, Kanuhura offers a wide range of fitness opportunities ranging from a gym with your own personal trainer to a 4 day and 7 day yoga package that will let you indulge in the scrumptious food available without feeling guilty.

By Karen
On December 31, 2014

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