Maldives Travel Tips

Split stay between over water and beach villas

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With pristine beaches and water villas on stilt in the middle of beautiful lagoons then it’s a definite MUST to try these grand villas out.

With a trip to Maldives generally costing you more than regular tropical countries, budget will be a big consideration. Over water villas will cost more than beach villas so if you have a budget you have to stay within for your stay, splitting your stay between a beach and water villa will have a very big impact.

For those travelling a greater distance to experience Maldives, a 5 day stay holiday is recommendable whereas if you were travelling shorter a 3-4 day stay will be more than perfect. Water villas generally being more luxurious and romantic, they are generally recommended for the latter part of your holiday after the beach villa stay so that your trip will be more memorable.

Lastly, consider who you’re traveling with. Very young kids are usually not allowed on over water villas due to its layout and resorts don’t want to risk the safety of your precious little ones but there are some resorts that will allow kids of a certain age to stay if the parents sign a consent form. Good news is, there are now a few family oriented resorts that have over water family villas that your entire brood can stay in!

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