Maldives Travel Tips

Your Packing Guide for the Maldives

Firsthand insights from our expert Destination Specialists who have visited our partner resorts for a seamless vacation planning. Feel free to drop us a line with your questions by going to our Contact Us page!

1) Travel Light

The Maldives has a tropical climate almost all year round so you only need to bring lightweight, cotton clothing along with your favorite swimsuits. Staple wear at the resorts would be lightweight t-shirts and shorts for men, summer clothes/dresses for women.


Well let’s just say any and a lot swimwear or beachwear! Who stays wrapped in an island right?

A kaftan or sundress should/could be worn when dining in the restaurants or bars.

Casual attire such as light dresses, cropped trousers, skirts or even shirts will be required when going for dinner. Just anything except Swimwear!

Pashminas or scarves should be worn by women if you are going for excursions on local islands.


Flip flops, sandals or flats!! Ladies you don’t want to be spending the summer in high heels!

Most, if not all, resorts encourage their guests to walk barefoot in the island.

Reef or aqua shoes are recommended by some however almost all resorts have snorkeling gear available (for rent or complimentary, check with your Destination Specialist).


If your stay is at a 5* or premium 4* resort then bath towels and toiletries are all available for use and changed regularly! Yes, I know you read that twice but its true! 

2) Pack Smart

International flights usually have a 30KG checked baggage allowance per person.

Do note that seaplane transfers in the Maldives have a strict 20KG checked baggage allowance per person though so make sure that you keep your belongings to a minimum or else it is $4USD for each extra KG.

Traveler Tip:  Roll your clothes rather than folding them. A lot of space is wasted from little gaps in suitcases. Not that anyone at the resort will really mind.

3)      Other must haves

-          Sunglasses

-          Wide brimmed hats

-          Insect repellant

-          Sun block

-          Medicine (maintenance ones are important to bring; over the counter meds are available at the resorts so no need for those)

-          Small denomination of USD for tipping

-          Chargers for gadgets

-          Underwater or waterproof cameras

-          A good book 

And finally, here are things that you are not allowed to bring into the country:

-          Alcohol – the Maldives is a Muslim country but the resorts and hotels serve them exceptionally

-          Food products with pork in them

-          Pornographic materials

-          Weapons, firearms and ammunition

-          Spear guns

-          Idols for worship 

Pick your Holiday

We are delighted to let you know that Maldives is ready to welcome you from the 15th of July 2020 with little to no restrictions.




We are delighted to let you know that Maldives is ready to welcome you from the 15th of July 2020 with little to no restrictions.

  1. Travellers will be provided a free Tourist Visa up to 30-days on arrival

  2. A confirmed reservation prior to arrival, a valid passport and onward air tickets are mandatory

  1. Resorts, yachts and hotels are open for booking from July 15, 2020

  2. We advise you to check the operational status of your preferred resort with us

  3. Your entire stay should be in one resort

  4. Stays at multiple resorts and hotels are not allowed at this stage

  1. You are not required to adhere to any quarantine protocols upon arrival

  2. You also won’t be required to submit any medical test results upon arrival

  3. However, travellers indicating symptoms of COVID-19 will be subject to a PCR test

  4. Additionally, local health authorities may conduct random testing, at no cost

  5. A health declaration card will be required as part of the on-arrival procedure

To help you book with confidence, OV Holidays provides you the following:

  1. Exceptional Cancellation Policy

  2. COVID-19 Refund Request

  3. Amazing Discounts of up to 50% for New Bookings

  4. Minimal Deposit Fee & Zero-Interest Installment Plans

  1. Dedicated hotline for bookings within 14days of arrival

  2. Personal Destination Specialist to assist round the clock

We look forward to welcome you to the Sunny Side of Maldives for your much deserved luxury island holiday !