10 Things to do on your Seychelles Holiday

March 20, 2018  | | By OV Holidays
10 Things to do on your Seychelles Holiday

1. Soak up the sun in some of the most gorgeous beaches in the world

Anse Georgette and Anse Lazio are two of the most dreamlike beaches in the world settled in the Praslin Island with long stretches of sand, powerful waves and perfect to watch the picture perfect sunsets.

2. Hike in Mahe

The Morne Blanc walking trail through the tea bushes cede to ferns and mosses are some of the perfect places to hike with plenty to explore.

3. Visit La Digue’s coconut plantation

The L’Union estate is famous for its coconut production in abundance and home to one of the world’s most beautiful beaches at Anse Source D’Argent.

4. Get up close and personal with Giant Aldabra tortoise

Witness the regal creatures of Praslin, the Aldabra Giant Tortoises who are adorable and tourists are given the chance to interact with them followed by a nature walk across the island.

5. Explore Valee De Mai

With many rare tropical birds like the black parrot, Seychellois bulbul, you will be awed by the sight of 4000 scintillating Coco De Mer palms forest.

6.Boat trip to Curieuse, Cousin Island and St Pierre

Explore the wild with many natural inhabitants, mango forests and snorkeling in the St Pierre islet via a boat trip.

7.Visit Victoria Market

Explore the many fresh produce available in the Island at the Victoria Market including local fruit, vegetables, spices and fish.

8. Takamaka Rum Distillery

An old plantation to explore the process of Rum making with an array of Rum varieties being produced also recognized internationally for its quality.

9. Zip Lining & Rock Climbing

Perfect for the adrenaline junkie to go wild through the beautiful forests and mountains of Mahé with many zip lining and rock climbing excursions.

10.Scuba Diving in Marine Parks

With diving trails filled with coral reefs and meadows of sea grass across the islands, Seychelles is the perfect place to Scuba dive amidst the oh-so perfect tropical weather.

By OV Holidays
On March 20, 2018