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Indian Ocean's & Maldives Leading Luxury Tour Operator 2015
Indian Ocean's Leading Luxury Tour Operator 2014,2015 & 2016

What is OV

Opulence by Viluxur otherwise known as OV Holidays is the top-end segment of Viluxur group catering to the travel needs of the world's elite.

We are the gurus of luxury and experts in excellence. Opulence is synonymous with fortune, wealth and more importantly substance.

we constantly seek to achieve business prosperity

to be able to acquire and capture elite clienteles

we go back to our core value: to strive for perfection, exceed expectations and be recognized as an emerging Regional leader in Hospitality, through the discovery of potential markets, supported by superior performance, while nurturing values on responsible tourism.

Since 2010, our intimate family of destination specialists - led by our creative and innovative Managing Director, Shafraz Fazley, who is a connoisseur of luxury travel - has been fulfilling our clientele’s demands for unique and personalized holidays.

Ours is a continuous promise of providing a higher level of service to individual holiday seekers who are looking for the best of what the Maldives has to offer. We have honed our Specialty and groomed our Specialists to give you the Assurance that only OV Holidays can provide.

Message from
Managing Director

Thank you for choosing OV Holidays to arrange your next trip to the Maldives. We have tried our best to capture the essence of the Maldives, its many treasures and experiences on our website but this is only a glimpse of the paradise many over the world love, that we can present through pictures and words – it’s a place that must be experienced.

The Maldives offer unparalleled luxury, warm hospitality, and breathtaking surroundings. Every resort has its own island own signature attraction and style, and hence, its own unique experience. Every resort – local or international – strives to provide only the best in service, and that is why we work with them.

Their commitment to offering extraordinary experience to tourists, is what drives OV Holidays to believe in the Maldives and motivates us to market it that much more, every year. OV Holidays is all about creating memorable experiences, we are currently expanding our services and setting our sights on new exotic island destinations. Many new developments and exciting times ahead for the industry and especially, the Maldives.

Shafraz Fazley,
Managing Director

Managing Director- Viluxur Holidays - Shafraz Fazley

OV Location

While our headquarters is in Singapore – Asia’s commercial hub – we maintain a liaison office in picturesque Colombo, Sri Lanka.
We also have a Customer Service Center for ground handling in Male’, Maldives where a local team of Destination Specialists and a highly-experienced team of Airport Representatives welcome our guests upon arrival at the Velana International Airport (VIA) for smooth transition and assistance

OV Specialty

Today’s traveler tends to emphasize on online reservations, so in order to cater to every travel need, Viluxur Group possesses its very own user-friendly website with dedicated Destination Specialists recruited for their expertise encompass of diverse nationalities and industry experience which enables each individual to tailor to a host of guests.

We take pride in our unparalleled knowledge of Maldives resorts, ensuring the finest offers and exemptions are passed on to you.
Believe in Our Experience:

We hear your heart’s desires and we can speak what is in your mind. That claim is based on years of experience in the travel industry. By expressing your preferences, and what you’ve longed for holiday, your Destination Specialists can generate an array of packages incisively.

Believe in Our Recommendations:

We take pride in our unparalleled knowledge of Maldives atolls and we have close collaboration with our partner resorts, ensuring the finest offers and exemptions are applied. Knowing the product by heart and having to have first-hand experience in these properties, allows us to picture you your perfect get away- sand at your feet, and time on your hands in the unspoiled beaches of the Indian Ocean.

Believe in our Service:

Your holiday starts as soon as our Guest Relations Officer warmly greets you with a smile on your arrival at the airport (Velana International Airport [VIA]). Seamlessly assist you with your luggage and escorts you to where your resort transfers are. You’ll feel completely at ease knowing we are just a phone call away if there is anything you need. We provide answers to help you plan; take care of your arrangements and will make your holiday a pleasant experience.”

OV Specialists

" Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed. It is the only thing that ever has. " ~Margaret Mead

The company is built around one core asset, its people. Individuals continuously inspired and motivated to achieve extraordinary things. After all, it's the combined talents, skills, knowledge, experience and passion of our people that make us who we are.

We are a global community, our people speak local languages. They know the customs. They understand the preferences and share in the celebrations. They are the best at what they do.

When pride, passion and drive come together, you get the people of OV Holidays. They are experienced professionals coming from wide ranges of cultural, geographic and educational backgrounds who want to make a difference, inspire, drive novel ideas and most importantly deliver results.

Pick an experience, and chances are someone at OV Holidays has had it. Our people come from all backgrounds and have a wide range of talents and interests. This exceptional diversity brings together a rich variety of skills, experiences and perspectives. Our diversity is our advantage.

Our working culture thrives on differences, but our people share one goal. Their aim is to go beyond norm enriching your experiences and ultimately adding value and providing an unsurpassed service.

OV Assurance

More importantly, we are also aware of the importance of security and confidentiality that is why we use only the latest and most secure technology to protect your information and payments such as:

  • Use of latest SSL layer of encryption
  • CloudFlare services on our website
  • Authentic VISA/Mastercard payment system
  • Payment by PayPal

Trust that we will never compromise your security and work continuously to always be up-to-date with all our systems for your protection.

OV Protection

As one of the emerging authority in luxury travel, we take every possible measure to protect and secure any and all information that is provided or submitted on our website using the following technologies.

OV Awards & Recognition

We are proud to be recognized and acknowledged by our peers in the industry and our partners.
It takes creativity, commitment and constant innovation to be considered the best and for us at OV Holidays, it is an ongoing personal pursuit.

OV Partners

With over 200 properties in the Maldives, we have done an exhaustive research to find the finest and highest rated resorts
and partnered with them to provide only the crème de la crème to our selective clients.
Resort Partners

Our Promise

"Happiness consists of living each day as if it were the first day of your honeymoon and the last day of your vacation".

Isn't it interesting that people feel best about themselves right before they go on a holiday? They've cleared up all of their to-do piles, closed up transactions, renewed old promises with themselves and look forward to the days ahead. A great holiday is when you're feeling as good about yourself when you return from the holiday. Now that is the OV promise…

So what makes the perfect holiday?
Is it the destination? The travel? The stay? The hospitality?
It's all these and a lot more.

At OV, we've mastered the art of luxury holidaying. With its roots in Sri Lanka and a strong presence across South Asia, OV has created thousands of picture-perfect memories for the discerning traveler.

Be it choosing a destination or planning the holiday, all you have to do is to dream. We in return will deliver your dreams. Our team of experienced destination specialists will design a retreat around your fantasies. Whether you're on holiday or business, we'll ensure that all your wants and needs are contented in style.

At OV, we're committed to offering you only the finest choices. We've partnered with the foremost resort chains. The brands we represent are the cream in the business and are always sought after by the well-heeled traveler. Our attention to detail will ensure all phases of your vacation leave you spell bound.

Keeping up with global trends, we've created a user-friendly but up-to-date in technology website. With round-the-clock consulting and booking service, you can now interact with our destination specialists in a language of your choice.

The future has never looked brighter. OV will soon be setting up offices in Mauritius, Seychelles, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia. What's more, we're taking our partnerships in your country to the next level to ensure that you get nothing but the best luxury holiday experience ever. It's our endeavor to become the leading luxury holiday solutions company in the world and we are well on course to achieving that dream.

However, what really thrills us is the smile on your face and at OV,
we'll leave no stone unturned to make that happen.